BigBoxCollectors aims to gather information on both past and upcoming videogame special releases, box sets, and collectors editions.

We grew up in a time before slim cases and digital downloads, when video games got released in large boxes and were sold in brick and mortar stores. Unwrapping and opening a new game box was full of surprises, and physical bonus items like maps or trinkets not only were nice to look at but also extended the games we played beyond the screen of our televisions.

Since the rise of digital distribution boxed game releases have slowly vanished from the shelves and been replaced by DVD cases, some of which don’t even include any kind of physical media anymore. They haven’t disappeared completely, though – even today both big publishers and independent developers release some of their games in special packaging reminiscent of the mid 90’s, and many videogame crowdfunding campaigns include physical reward tiers these days.

On BigBoxCollectors you will find news on upcoming sets, reviews of past releases, and features on collecting these in general. We will also throw in the ocassional non-game release if it is somehow related to our favourite hobby and looks great on a shelf.

Please not that while we try to focus our content on games of high quality being featured on our website should not be understood as a recommendation by any means.

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